Sunday, September 29, 2013

Design proposal for an Environmental Sculpture

- Mitzpe Marcus, French Carmel, Haifa

I was invited in Spring 2013 by a neighborhood group of the French Carmel neighborhood in Haifa, Israel, to submit a design proposal for an empty plot looking out over Haifa Bay. 

The design was to fit in with an existing landscaping plan by the Haifa Municipality:

landscaping plan by the Haifa Municipality planning department

My proposal consists of several landscaping features:

  • two retaining walls built with natural lime-stone and slightly elevated ground level
  • four sculptural shade structures, made of wooden pillars at slanted angles, carrying shade-surfaces at various angles. Wooden planks are suspended between some of the pillars which serve as benches
  • a gravel surface with two or three especially chosen natural rocks

Photographs of the scale model:

The proposal is currently awaiting approval by the Haifa Municipality.

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