Thursday, October 17, 2013

Experimental Drawing

- explorations of new approaches in drawing

cartridge paper, frottage, creasing, graphite

In addition to the classes in "Social Sculpture" and "Creative Strategies" at Oxford Brookes University (which I shall write about in one of the next posts) I am attending a class entitled "Experimental Drawing", a title which intrigued me right away. The course is guided by a number of Oxford based artists, each bringing his/her expertise and individual approach to the theme. Inspired by some of the exercises I made a sequence of works which explore the more "physical" aspects of drawing:

  • the paper (does it have to remain flat?)
  •  the physical activities of pushing, pulling, rubbing, erasing, creasing, tearing
  •  the textures which can be achieved by "frottage" (registering textures of objects on paper by putting the paper on top and rubbing with a drawing instrument)
  •  the physical qualities of different drawing media and their application
By way of this "physical" approach, some of these drawings have become quite sculptural, almost like reliefs.

cartridge paper, folding, creasing, graphite

cartridge paper, folding, creasing,  graphite

cartridge paper, creasing, graphite

cartridge paper, pushing, pulling, embossing, scraping, charcoal

cartridge paper, creasing, rubbing with oil crayon

cartridge paper, creasing, rubbing with oil crayon

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  1. Axel, I just got the reference of your new blog through a Facebook posting by Claudia M. It was a pleasure to read it and find out all those inspiring activities and images! The experimental drawings are amazing, will try to play with the ideas. It's a pity that we won't see you in Harduf this year, but you seem to be making the most of your stay in England. Enjoy! Cheers, Elizabeth Glass